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    13 Reasons I'd Rather Receive Food Instead Of Jewelry

    Food never gets lost; it always find its way home (to your stomach).

    1. Food can be just as beautiful as jewelry.

    2. Food brings so much joy. You don't stare anxiously out the window waiting for your bracelet to arrive.

    3. You can't eat a diamond ring. Trust me.

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    4. You don't need earrings to complete your outfit when food does that after the first bite.

    5. You don't drop everything you're doing to buy a necklace on display. But for pizza? Every. Damn. Day.

    6. Free jewelry? eh. Free food? YAYAYAYAYAY!

    7. Does Kim fly to Paris for Cartier? No, she flies FOR THE FOOD.

    8. Some people measure in carats; you measure in chicken nuggets.

    9. A necklace is pretty, but pizza is pretty delicious.

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    10. Food inspires your creativity and awakens your gifts of music.

    11. Food is something you and Bae both can enjoy.

    12. Jewelry that looks like food is a nice try, but you don't want s'mores on your ears, you want them in your mouth.

    13. Again, you can't eat jewelry. But there is ONE exception: