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    I Tried These Period Panties So You Don't Have To

    No pad, no tampon. Just panties. AND I BOUGHT THEM. You're welcome.

    In the great debate of pads versus tampons, I fall firmly in the tampon camp.

    The Purchase

    The Underwear Arrives

    How They Work

    Day 1: Light Day

    Day 2: Heavy Flow

    For Day 2, I was nervous. Could this underwear really be my period Moses? Or, just a couple of hours from now, would I be telling everyone that I spilled paint on myself in art class? Only time would tell. I suited up and headed out.

    As tends to be the case on a heavy day, some of the blood was, ah, dark and slightly solid. That's normal! Unfortunately, this part did not absorb into the fabric, instead resting on the panties' top layer. Cool cool cool. I guess this also happens when you wear pads, but like I said before, I'm a tampon girl.

    Nevertheless, I wore the underwear ALL DAY and did not have a leak. I did not feel wet. In periods past, I would have gone through the work day using at least two tampons, maybe three. Straight up? I was impressed.

    Why You Should Embrace the Period Underwear

    The Final Verdict: