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    11 Reasons Why You Probably Shouldn't Let Santa Break Into Your Home This Christmas

    How much do you really know about this Santa guy?

    1. Seriously, how well do you even know this guy that shows up once a year bearing gifts? What makes you so sure Santa wants milk with his cookies?

    John Minchillo / AP

    2. How confident are you that Santa treats the reindeer humanely?

    Andres Kudacki / AP

    3. Have you ever actually met his weird BFF Krampus?

    4. Are you positive Santa doesn't have a criminal history?

    Russel A. Daniels / AP

    He has broken into TONS of houses.

    5. And how can you even be sure you're meeting the real Santa, and not a Santa impersonator?

    Sang Tan / AP

    6. Santa's flying a sleigh, but did he even go to flight school?

    Pilar Olivares / Reuters

    7. How sure are you that Santa lives on the North Pole?

    Eric Gaillard / Reuters

    8. Can someone so naughty really judge who's nice?

    Michaela Rehle / Reuters
    REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

    9. Honestly, do you think he really reads all those letters?

    Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters

    I mean come on, you're telling me it's 2015 and this guy hasn't heard of email? That's pretty suspicious.

    10. We know he as elves as workers, but do we really know they're actually getting paid? #equalwages4elves

    Kacper Pempel / Reuters

    11. And really, nobody's gonna comment on his obsession with people sitting in his lap? NOBODY?

    Twitter: @preserumcap

    That red hat is a red flag.

    So this Christmas, shut your chimney and lock your doors. And if Santa somehow does manage to break in, you know what to do:


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