6 Evangelical Hell Houses That Will Literally Put The Fear Of God Into You

    Welcome to Hell.

    Wait, this isn't a list of haunted houses? WTF is a Hell House?

    Parishioners portray scenes depicting issues such as abortion, suicide, and school shootings. Churches put up these Hell Houses with the goal of giving thrill-seekers a chance to receive salvation.

    1. Scaremare in Lynchburg, Va.

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    2. Hell House - Cedar Hill, Texas

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    This attraction was immortalized in the 2002 documentary Hell House. Each year, the house gets over 10,000 people who watch seven morality plays.

    "Hell house is always a good experience when we go. I'm a youth minister and we take our teens each year. It's good for allowing people to sober up to what the world around us is really like. Kudos to Trinity church for continuing to put this on each year. Go at least once and decide for yourself."

    - Deshunn B., Yelp

    3. Hell House - Tyler, Texas

    In the past, the church has presented scenes including a preacher officiating over a same-sex marriage and a high school football star committing suicide. No one under 12 is allowed.

    "Hell house is an alternative to Halloween and an incredible outreach to the lost, and to those battered by life's hurts and lies of the enemy."

    - Hell House Website

    4. Judgement House - Centreville, Alabama

    Judgement House reported that the saved three souls on October 10.

    "It was incredible, very well done. It hits home to you that where you're going for eternity really matters."

    - Anonymous

    5. Hell House "The Walking Dead" - Powder Springs, Georgia

    This Hell House also offers seven frightening scenes, ranging from drunk driving crash to a school shooting.

    "HELL HOUSE is the only attraction that offers a $5 refund IF you can finish!"

    - Hell House Website

    6. Judgement House - White Pine, Tennessee

    This Judgement House is actually free. Free entertainment, free food. Walk-ins are welcome.

    You can do a video walk-through of the 2013 tour here.