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Posted on Jul 24, 2016

16 Dogs That Just Want To Go Home And Stop Catching Pokémon

"Maybe DON'T catch them all." - your dog

1. "Oh boy oh boy oh BOY! We're going on ANOTHER walk? This is so great!"

2. "I love being outside, but why do we keep stopping?"

3. "I'm barking, but what am I barking at? That pole?"

4. "Give me some slack. I'm trying to do real things, like smell this grass."

5. "Now what exactly am I supposed to be looking at?"

6. "Please, no more walking. We've gone more than 3 miles. I'm sorry, I meant 5 kilometers."


8. "I'm about to dump out, you better not be filming this."

9. "For the love of God, just do the finger flick already."

10. "I better be getting a treat for this."

11. "Daddy, why are you screaming?"

12. "Is my name Pokémon now?"

13. "I wish you loved me like you love that chair."

14. "Dead. From. Walking."

15. "We're inside and this is still happening? This never ends? This is my life now?"

16. "There's your new dog. Now leave us alone."

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