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    Posted on Oct 9, 2015

    9 Of Your Scariest Cable Horror Stories

    The cable guy emerges from the brush. He wields a cable clipper... DRIPPING IN BLOOD!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their worst experiences with the cable guys. Here are the horrifying results.

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    1. The Cutting Mix-up

    My cable company came out and physically cut my cable for nonpayment. Except they had the wrong person. Wasn't even the right building. Then they tried to charge me for hooking it back up after I waited two weeks!

    - triciag43834e154

    2. Haunted Roach Motel

    Got a cable box from Comcast in the dead of winter and within a few hours of watching tv, roaches started coming out of the box and they refused to admit fault and wouldn't pay my exterminator bill.

    - marinaf4

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    3. The Mysterious $1300 Charge

    "In July my cable company thought it would be cool to charge me $1,300 for one month. They tried to cover up their mistake by crediting $800 to my account... still leaving an insane bill of $500. Next morning my cable was deactivated because of this back balance that was never credited."

    - stephaniea488440b45

    4. Sex and The Cable Guy

    "The cable guy tells me that I look like Sarah Jessica Parker. Then he starts to work on my computer hooking up the modem etc. I look over and I see that he's watching PORN on my computer! I was too scared to say anything. It was very weird. After he finally left I went to the computer and looked up the last search… 'Sarah Jessica Parker porn.'"

    - Farscapechick

    Michal-rojek / Getty Images

    5. A Holy Record

    "The cable guy had to drill a hole through the wall to thread the cable through. It was fast and the service worked so I was happy! Cut to a year later, I got a record player for my birthday and was excited to play some of my parents' Beatles albums. As I took one out of the sleeve, I noticed there was a hole the size of a pencil in the record. I looked at the cover, and that hole was there too. I looked at the entire stack of records, all of them had been drilled through by the guy, along with the end table they had been leaned up against in the corner of the room."

    - sarahc130

    6. An Ex's Revenge

    "My cousin and her boyfriend broke up and the cable bill was in his name and she ordered EVERYTHING on OnDemand for days straight…. movies, adult movies, you name it."

    - maresac

    7. I'm Not 80 Years Old

    "I constantly get calls from my cable company trying to get me to 'bundle' and get TV and phone along with my internet, after I already told them I am 100% not interested in that. I want a freaking land line? Like, what am I, 80 years old? And I don't own a damn television."

    - Danielle Mank (Facebook)

    Creative-family / Getty Images

    8. The Frightening Ladder

    "[The cable guys] refused to climb the ladder to get to the roof. Apparently, they were too afraid of falling off. We paid them to sit around and bark orders while we put it up ourselves. Later that night, when we tried to watch something, it wouldn't work. We had to call the company and explain what their employees did, and convince them to give us a refund for installation. They didn't, and charged us AGAIN to have someone else come and properly set it up."

    - ambelina

    9. The Dead Account Holder

    The cable account was in my dad's name and after he died we tried to cancel the account. When my mom told the person on the phone that the account holder is deceased, the person on the phone then told us to have him call and cancel it."

    - noodle192000

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