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Ashley Madison Is A Sausage Fest, You're More Likely To Get Laid Doing These 9 Things

It's all about numbers, baby.

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One of the most surprising/predictable facts to come out of this Ashley Madison hack is how few women are actually on the site.

Ashley Madison

The leaked data contained 31 million accounts apparently belonging to men, and about 5.5 million apparently belonging to women. After hearing rumors that 90% of the female accounts were faked, Gizmodo dug deeper, and found this startling fact:

Compared with more than 20 million men, only 1,492 of the women in the database had ever checked their messages on the site. That means the active male to female ratio is actually 13,405 males to every one female.


4. Go play Halo in your friend's basement!

One basement. Three xboxs. 12 hour halo wars run. #Halowars #halowars2

30% of gamers are female, but in the professional leagues they're nonexistent. But there are still more women than at Ashley Madison.


6. Enter a tournament at the Pokemon Card Convention!

Got an invite to the regional Pokemon convention and you know Damn well I went

M:F 25:1