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27 Struggles Only New Mums Will Understand

Enjoy every second! Or not.

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1. Congrats, your baby is here!

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You feel like you’ve completed a decathlon with zero training, and now, when you’re thoroughly exhausted, you can only sleep in short, sharp bursts. This will continue for the next year.


6. The stretchmarks keep coming as your tummy starts to shrink.

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Unfortunately, you no longer have an hour every morning to luxuriously rub oil into them.

7. You spend eight hours at a time alone with a newborn, slowly going out of your mind, but you're physically unable to leave for more than 10 minutes without panicking.


13. You feel like you've overdosed on invisibility pills.

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When you carry the baby into a room, it may as well have levitated for all the attention you get.


14. After an hour of pacing and rocking, your newborn is finally sleeping peacefully.

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Shame you’re afraid to shut your eyes in case it stops breathing.


19. You're suddenly acutely aware of all the danger everywhere.

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Is there a way to access the sex offenders' register online? Do these windows have locks? WHERE IS THE BABY?


27. At last, that blissful moment when the baby curls up and falls asleep on your chest.

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And you realise the remote is just out of arm's reach.

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