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    23 Gifts You Should Buy New Mothers

    How do you wrap a bag of sleep?

    1. A post-natal doula

    2. Offer to mind the dog

    3. Body oil


    Labour and delivery are physically exhausting and parched, dry skin in the aftermath is common. This delicious-smelling Relax Body Treatment Oil from Clarins will lock in moisture, firm skin and help fade any stretchmarks too. What a treat.

    4. Some pretty pyjamas


    Taking care of a newborn involves a lot of snuggling in bed and on the couch. Give her some lovely soft, stretchy loungewear and she can do it in style – and not be morto when the visitors come a-calling.

    5. Home cooked food

    6. Mementos from baby’s birthday

    The Daily Mirror

    Every new mum wants keepsakes from the day her baby was born but it’s hard to remember to buy them. Be a great mate and collect all the papers, as well as finding out the No.1 single, album and movie at the box office. She’ll love you forever.

    7. A reusable water bottle


    Breastfeeding mums need to stay well hydrated, especially in those early days when they’re still recovering from delivery. Having a Bobble by her side will make it a doddle. You can buy one here.

    8. A sling or wrap

    9. A cleaner

    Surviving on just a few hours sleep while looking after a demanding newborn can be stressful, especially when the doorbell keeps ringing. The dream gift? A couple of hours cleaning every week for a month or two. Try

    10. Fancy lip balm


    New mums need all the TLC they can get and Kiehl's cult Lip Balm #1 will take care of a dry, parched pout as well as making her feel a million bucks after just one application. Buy it here.

    11. Birthstone jewellery

    Becky Pearce Designs

    Want to treat her to a trinket? Go for something that contains her new baby’s birthstone to make the gift twice as meaningful. These sterling silver birthstone stacking rings from Becky Pearce on Folksy are pretty perfect.

    12. A snack hamper

    13. A magazine subscription

    Mother & Baby

    Looking after a small baby often means long stretches at home and what’s more exciting when you’re stuck at home than getting some good post? Whether you choose a parenting magazine, something trashy or even something educational, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Literally.

    14. A photobook gift card

    15. A massage

    16. An iTunes or Google Play giftcard


    A smartphone is a new mum’s best friend, especially during those lonely night feeds. From wet nappy trackers and white noise apps to music and books, this is the gift she doesn't even realise she wants – yet.

    17. A restaurant voucher

    18. Nice handcream


    Frequent nappy changes = constant handwashing = raw mitts. A couple of tubes of her favourite handcream (including a small one for the nappy bag) will always go down well.

    19. A good book

    20. A Netflix subscription

    21. A bottle of champagne

    Moet & Chandon

    After nine booze-free months, a cold glass of something fizzy is just what the doctor ordered. Probably.

    22. A pro photoshoot

    23. A big bag of sleep


    Good luck wrapping it though.

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