It Never Ceases To Amaze Me What People Just Throw Away And These 16 Thrift Shop Finds Prove It

    "Thrift score of the century. I found them on the 50% off shelf so I spent $4.21 total on these babies! Literally near perfect condition."

    It seems like there's been a whole lot of thrifting TikToks making their way onto my FYP lately. As someone who hates paying full price for something, I'm fascinated by their finds.

    Here are some of the most impressive treasures that people have shared on the Thrift Store Hauls subreddit:

    1. "I found the exact same pair of Docs that I was already wearing. Paid $1.00."

    pair of the new shoes next to the current ones

    2. "$18 for this Linge Roset Ploum high back sofa 😍"

    luxury sofa

    3. "Bought this butter dish for $3 and found $60 in cash inside!!! The top was taped shut and I just thought the pattern was cute."

    rolled up money inside the small dish

    4. "I was starting to lose hope that I’d be able to thrift my wedding dress. I bought this today for $60! With alterations and a cleaning, still comes in far under what I would have paid for something a lot more simple. I’m in love!"

    lacy wedding gown with a small train

    5. "Thrift score of the century. I found them on the 50% off shelf so I spent $4.21 total on these babies! Literally near perfect condition."

    le creuset pans

    6. "Paid $2. The lady had absolutely no idea who these people are."

    sign photo of harry, ron and hermoine from harry potter

    7. "I almost didn’t thrift today! Paid $20 for both and they're valued at over $22,000."

    two luxuery lamps

    8. "It's like a '90s Nickelodeon show fever dream."

    play seating

    9. "Bought them for $7 and just picked them up from the jewelers after being cleaned and appraised. Worth over $4,600."

    small diamond earrings and the appraisal

    10. "Just found this beauty for $20 🤤."

    smeg toaster

    11. "I've had my sassy green teapot for years, just found his baby at Goodwill yesterday!"

    slanted porcelein teapots

    12. "I was told this was a green amethyst and haggled them down to $42. Just took it to a jeweler to have it appraised and it’s a rare green diamond, over 100 years old, and conservatively worth more than $8,000!"

    rare ring on a finger

    13. "Found at local thrift shop. It's an exact copy of the sweater my mom has owned for at least a couple decades."

    the two wearing the same sweater

    14. "This behemoth '80s lotus lamp was a literal haul...its huge! Brass, pink, '80s, and floral are my weaknesses."

    flower lamp

    15. "75 cents for this basket. Cat was found for free at the dump 5 years ago."

    cat in a small basket

    And finally...

    16. "I found a genuine four-leaf clover that was dated June 17, 1923. It was inside a 150-year-old book."

    dried and taped four leaf clover

    Now, it's your turn! What's the most unexpected, expensive, or wildest thing you've found at a thrift store? Comment below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.