19 Reasons Why Pit Bull Puppies Are The Most Dangerous Creatures On Earth

    Furrocious beasts.

    1. *shuffles papers and touches ear bud* THIS JUST IN: Pit bull puppos are some of the cutest creatures on the entire planet.

    2. But we have just learned that they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

    3. At first sight, they appear to look like harmless little dewdrops.

    4. But the truth must be known: They are a threat to society.

    5. Their beautiful eyes and heart-shaped noses are trying to distract you from that fact that they are DANGEROUS.

    6. Just look at this fella viciously attacking this small leaf!!!

    7. GRAB YOUR PURSE. This golden gal is violently chomping down on a watermelon slice!

    8. And you've seriously got to be OUT OF YOUR MIND if you even consider putting your fingers near their dangerous lil' mouths.

    9. Don't let this tiny bean fool you! He might be smaller than your slipper but he's ferocious.

    10. Take a look at this con artist who is trying to win you over with his sweet smile!

    11. And this pupperino who is obviously waiting for the perfect time to strike.

    12. What about this fuzzy mastermind? They've clearly disguised themselves as a cow to trick you.

    13. And this fluffer has perfectly camouflaged themselves into the scenery.

    14. This nugget has picked out an accessory that perfectly matches his eyes just to appeal to YOUR EMOTIONS.

    15. And this grumpy goof is clearly trying to hypnotize you with that stare.

    16. *CLUTCHES PEARLS* You might be wondering: What could be more threatening than one pit bull pupper? The answer: A PACK OF THEM.

    17. Whatever you do, never look directly at a pit bull puppy smile.

    18. And don't look into those beautiful blue eyes. It's like staring right into the sun... It's like...dangerously cute. Wait. It's happening. Oh no. Not the eyes!


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