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    15 Pins For Anyone Who Loves Plants More Than People

    More like Suc-CUTE-lents.

    1. This teeny geometric terrarium.

    2. This hint of bright blue botany.

    3. This lil' golden glory.

    4. This cute and colourful sprout.

    5. This friendly plant-loving feline.

    6. This miniature metallic cactus.

    7. This bottled beauty.

    8. This dark green monstera leaf.

    9. This cactus cutie.

    10. This retro-looking flower flask.

    11. This gold-plated greenery.

    12. This spiky soul.

    13. This adorable grey guy.

    14. This sprouting aloe vera.

    15. And lastly, this terrific terrarium.