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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Sep 5, 2016

    19 Muddy Puppies Who Are Impossible To Get Mad At

    Muddy paws, full hearts, can't lose.

    1. This innocent fluff who just discovered his first mud puddle.

    @Cutedogbreeeds / Via Twitter: @Cutedogbreeeds

    2. And this big baby who really didn't mean to splash you.

    @notclayb0 / Via Twitter: @notclayb0

    3. This good boy who was just trying to help out in the garden.

    @brebre414 / Via

    4. And this happy hound who threw caution (and their dazzling white fur) to the wind.

    @trevor4williams / Via Twitter: @trevor4williams

    5. This golden goof who could seriously get away with anything.

    reedy / Via

    6. And this formerly-fluffy Samoyed who now looks like a completely different breed.

    @officialsamoyed / Via

    7. This chocolate brown booper who got a lil' something on her lil' snout.

    @charlie_to_infinity / Via

    8. And this mischievous pup who has transformed into the most adorable swamp monster ever.

    snoooopaloooop / Via

    9. This pink piglet who loves to cool off by rolling around on their back.

    @ahlysssa / Via Twitter: @ahlysssa

    10. And this soft teddy bear who is more of a just-dipping-my-paws-in kind of guy.

    @cleefredrickson / Via

    11. This friendly fella who can't believe you won't let them in looking like this.

    @alexatkelsky / Via Twitter: @alexatkelsky

    12. And this black and white beauty who could've sworn they were at the spa all day.

    13. This playful pupper who knows getting dirty is just part of life.

    http://@poppy.fields / Via

    14. And this muddy goofball who doesn't take himself too seriously.

    @k_plaskon / Via Twitter: @k_plaskon

    15. This sad-looking puggo who's secretly having the time of her life.

    @la_belle_pagaille / Via

    16. And this cute cuddle-buddy who doesn't mind getting his paws a little dirty in the name of adventure.

    @alyssameigs / Via Twitter: @alyssameigs

    17. This proud pupperoni who is really feelin' his new look.

    @JGCornerPub / Via Twitter: @JGCornerPub

    18. This confused canine who doesn’t understand why he can’t come in, he feels perfectly clean.

    @rdemontreuil / Via Twitter: @rdemontreuil

    19. And finally, this precious golden who finally admits that a bath might not be the worst idea in the world 💗.

    reposts-on-reposts / Via

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