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15 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me As A Pigeon"

Because we're all pigeons.

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1. When you're working on a group project and need to assert your dominance over the slackers:


2. When you confront your friend because they haven't liked your new profile picture yet:

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: taylar

3. When your co-worker tells you that you've got food on your shirt three hours after you've had lunch:

BuzzFeed Canada / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fredart

4. When you take a risk on a new hairdresser and it pays off:


5. When you've spent a couple months travelling Europe after graduation and now realize you have no money and need to enter the workforce:

@jamster83 / Via Twitter: @jamster83

6. After your mom told you to bring a jacket but you ignored her and then she was right because it's a little more chilly than you expected but you don't want to admit you're wrong so you just silently freeze to death:

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: benoitdupont

7. When you ask for friend for a piggyback ride but they weren't quite ready:


8. When you catch your two best friends hanging out without you and start planning exactly how you'll get revenge:

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: amigomac

9. When cheat day ends up being seven days a week:

@DHI_Inc / Via Twitter: @DHI_Inc

10. When you were talking shit with your best friend but then the person you were talking about walks in:

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ninjapotato

11. When you keep putting off showering, but after you finally get in, you now never want to leave:


12. When your table has been waiting for their food forever, but the waiter brings you your food first:


13. When you're at a house party and someone starts puking and you have to activate mom-mode:

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: oudeschool

14. But then you switch out of it real quick when you spot your friends passed out and need to document it for future blackmail purposes:

15. And lastly, when you made something you're really proud of and want to show everyone:

BuzzFeed Canada / Via

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