14 Innocent People Who Were Brutally Disappointed By Food

    "We had an entire slice of pizza with no cheese."

    I was enraged yesterday when I noticed I got five nuggets instead of six in my drive-thru order. But TBH, that looks like NOTHING compared to these mega-fails on the r/foodlottery subreddit:

    1. "I mean it’s not a big deal but like…it’s just sad 😔."

    one slice of bread doesn't have any cheese when the others do

    2. "Really avocado?"

    most of the avodado is the seed

    3. "I opened a small chip bag and there was only 5.25 chips in there."

    mostly empty chip bag

    4. "I've heard of a double yolk but never a no yolk."

    hard boiled egg cut in half with no yolk inside

    5. "We had an entire slice of pizza with no cheese."

    portion of the frozen pizza with no cheese

    6. "I was eating a KitKat and I didn't get any wafer. It was only chocolate?"

    7. "What the..."

    opened box with only one raisin inside


    9. "Since when is there only one Starburst in these?!"

    2-pack of starburts only has one

    10. "Bought a bag of these yesterday and they looked fine."

    orange completely covered in mold

    11. "My chocolate bar is all powder."

    12. "Just one?"

    one milk dud in the box

    13. "One of my Maltesers didn't have chocolate on it."

    And finally...

    14. "This orange."

    half of an orange is mostly the peel