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    Left-Handed People Are Sharing The "Biggest Inconveniences" About Being Left-Handed, And It's Eye-Opening

    "Filling the water at the back of the coffee maker. The left side has the hinge for the lid, and the right side is open to pour the water in, so I always have to switch hands to pour the water in to make my coffee."

    Reddit user FlareGod123 recently asked, "Left handed people of Reddit, what's the biggest inconvenience about being left handed?" and the answers are unexpected, hilarious, and eye-opening.

    1. "Getting my glass confused with others' at dinner. No matter what, I'll instinctively reach for the glass to my left (not mine) and/or set my glass to the left and have it picked up by someone else."

    Glasses of water

    2. "My left-handed husband was offered the scissors to cut the umbilical cord of our first baby. It was impossible!"


    3. "Going to a university with right-handed desks."

    A right-handed desk

    4. "Using the self checkout at the grocery store can be obnoxious. It's all configured for right handers, so it just feels like a backwards and uninviting experience."


    5. "For me, it's having all my characters in video games not hold their weapon the way I would. I'm noticing it now more than ever, and it's genuinely stopping me from playing some games."

    Someone playing a video game

    6. "Bumping the person on your left during a meal."


    "My husband is left-handed, and when we go out with friends for dinner, I absolutely have to sit on his right side. If I sit on his left side, we'll bump elbows all night and both become gradually more irritated with each other."


    7. "Learning to write in cursive with a pen as a child was basically impossible due to smearing."

    A left-handed person with ink on their hand

    8. "Not the biggest inconvenience, but something that bothers me is golf clubs. All my friends are right handed, and they can try each other's clubs when they purchase new ones."


    9. "Filling the water at the back of the coffee maker. The left side has the hinge for the lid, and the right side is open to pour the water in, so I always have to switch hands to pour the water in to make my coffee."

    A coffee maker

    10. "Being a left-handed guitarist is incredibly inconvenient because you can't just go into any music shop and pick up any guitar if you want to get the feel of it. You're basically limited to one or two guitars in the entire store."


    11. "There was nothing worse than getting to gym class and finding out we were playing baseball or softball. I liked the sport, but there would always be a pile of right-handed gloves for the class to use and zero lefties.

    Screen shot from "Freaks and Geeks"

    12. "Every power tool you use will be backwards...which means the safety switches and shut-offs will be on the wrong side."

    "Here comes the spinning rod of death!"

    13. "My brother is left-handed and taught himself how to use a mouse in his right rather than his left.

    "He also taught himself to use right-handed scissors because they didn't have any left-handed ones in his school."


    14. "Can openers."

    "Feel the wrath of the left hand of burns."

    15. "Turns out vegetable peelers work better when you are right handed. I always wondered why I sucked at using one."


    16. "I’m not left handed, but one of my best friends is. It makes high-fiving surprisingly hard. Also, we've never been able to have a fair arm-wrestling match."


    17. "Most graphic software (like Photoshop, InDesign) is also designed for right handers. Drawing enclosed shapes the wrong way can produce interesting results as inside and outside becomes reversed."

    Screen shots from "SpongeBob SquarePants"

    18. "I'm oriented to do everything with my left hand first, so when someone tells me to raise my right hand, or if I have to shake someone's hand, I have to literally stop myself from raising my left hand first out of instinct."


    19. "People noticing that I'm left handed, being shocked, and making a big deal out of it."

    "The left-handed convention is in town,"

    20. "Tying knots. I can never get them right 'cause they only teach people how to do it the right-handed way."


    21. "The fact that equipment designed for lefties, like specialty archery bow and scissors, are WAY more expensive than right-handed ones."

    Left-hande scissors

    22. "Spiral-bound notebooks."


    "The stupid coil gets caught on everything, and you can only use, like, half the page. Once your wrist gets to the spiral, everything just looks like a toddler wrote it."


    And finally...

    23. "Hearing remarks like, 'Oh, you're left handed? My cousin's niece's friend's brother's dog's previous owner is left handed, too!"

    A woman rolling her eyes

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

    Are you left handed? Share your biggest inconveniences in the comments below!