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    Posted on Jul 28, 2016

    19 Dogs Wearing Hats For Anyone Who's Having A Ruff Day

    Because life can be hard.

    1. This friendly fluff who likes to rock it backwards:

    @caitlinbeII / Via Twitter: @caitlinbeII

    2. And this patriotic pup who wants to add a bit of sparkle to your day:

    @MariluMoreno__ / Via Twitter: @MariluMoreno__

    3. This furry honey bee who doesn't shy away from bright colours:

    ohshitausername / Via

    4. And this proud pup who graduated with honours and is now ready to take on the world:

    @We_Are_Unafraid / Via Twitter: @We_Are_Unafraid

    5. This happy hound who takes sun protection very seriously:

    6. And this fun-loving guy who doesn't like to take anything too seriously:

    @markiplier / Via Twitter: @markiplier

    7. This adorable cowboy who is highly skilled in melting your heart:

    Albertc1994 / Via

    8. And this chill dude who makes the perfect companion for a road trip:

    9. The beach blob who is still learning how to use their paws:

    @spacedebnam / Via Twitter: @spacedebnam

    10. And this culinary canine who is passionate about food and fashion:

    @Lottiexoxo7 / Via Twitter: @Lottiexoxo7

    11. This orange fella who knows that a matching ensemble is the only way to go:

    Skyote / Via

    12. And this handsome doggy who considers himself to be more a of a blue guy:

    13. This cheesy captain who doesn't mind posing for the camera:

    @greenBXmachine / Via Twitter: @greenBXmachine

    14. And this lovable lad who loves to take his new accessory out for a spin:

    @ForAIIAges / Via Twitter: @ForAIIAges

    15. This birthday bud who can't wait to get the party started:

    Tenortayloe / Via

    16. And this party guest who believes two hats are better than one:

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeffd

    17. This beach bum who can't wait go on a new adventure and get their paws dirty:

    YaBoiBobRoss / Via

    18. This big-eyed doggo who is completely content just chillin' at home:

    @haleynadolski / Via Twitter: @haleynadolski

    19. And lastly, this sleepy pup who's dreaming about the day he will finally grow into his hat:

    @1ornery / Via Twitter: @1ornery

    Thank you doggos... for helping us stay paw-sitive 🐶💗

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