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15 Cats Who Are Seriously Pissed About Their Summer Haircuts


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1. This pretty kitty who can't wait to get sweet, sweet revenge:

2. And this semi-furry dragon who now has some serious trust issues:

@submachinegirl / Via

3. This grumpy fluff who definitely didn't ask for a set of booties:

@kyungjin_jamie / Via

4. And this frustrated feline whose head is now twice the size of its body:

@layatskova / Via

5. This bitter floof who's going to need a bit of time to adjust to this new look:

6. This tiny dude who honestly feels so attacked right now:

hamdui / Via

7. And this angry poof who can't believe you didn't get their ~aesthetic~ right:

Carmenia / Via

8. This newly-streamlined sweetie who can't even:

verbaltea / Via

9. And this golden chestnut who likes to stare out the window and dream of fluffier times:

10. This miffed mountain of fluff who can't believe you betrayed their friendship:

@sheenaantoinetteseago / Via

11. And this baby lion who can't even recognize their reflection anymore:

@kairdashian / Via Twitter: @kairdashian

12. This spooked feather duster who doesn't handle change very well:

http://@ser.karenin / Via

13. And this pissed princess who will forgive, but will never forget:

http://@i.groom.cats / Via

14. This outraged orange floof who's feeling a little... exposed:

@jjueyelash / Via

15. And lastly, this sweet baby angel who is actually feelin’ their new look, weirdly enough:

See! It's not so cat-astrophic.
RedFilter / Via

See! It's not so cat-astrophic.

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