I'm Seriously Pissed No One Taught Me These "Camping Hacks" Sooner

    "Bring a rectangle of fake synthetic grass as a doormat. It will collect dust and debris WAY better than any regular mat."

    I'm a big fan of life hacks (that actually work!) and camping, so I've combed through the internet to find the best tips and tricks to make your next camping adventure less messy, more organized, and generally more enjoyable. Here are some of the best camping hacks from the r/lifehacks subreddit:

    1. "Make your own fire-starters for grilling or camping with yard mulch and vegetable oil."

    A person starting a fire with mulch

    2. "Bring a rectangle of fake synthetic grass as a doormat. It'll collect dust and debris way better than any regular mat."

    A square of grass

    3. "My dad shared this trick with me. To deter your perfectly good extension cord from being stolen while camping, wrap electrical tape in various spots so it looks like it's older and has needed to be mended a lot."

    Tape on wires

    4. "Use empty Sriracha containers as a twist top for cooking oil dispensers."

    A reused Sriracha bottle

    5. "Not sure if this is a common camping hack, but pre-made scrambled eggs distributed evenly makes breakfast at the campsite a breeze! Off to Vermont in the morning! 🏕."

    Eggs in water bottles

    6. "I always save the bags that come with linens and blankets of all sizes. I find they make excellent carry cases for toiletries and other items that need to stay dry!"

    An empty bedding bag

    7. "Place a scoop of coffee grounds into a coffee filter and tie it up with dental floss. When you're ready to brew, just make it like you would make tea with a teabag."

    Reused coffee filters and coffee grounds

    8. "YOU NEED A WAGON! Otherwise, hauling your stuff will kill you the first day, especially if you need to park away from your site."

    A wagon

    9. "Bring duct tape when you go camping to get rid of bugs stuck in your tent."

    Tape with bugs on it

    10. "Need more light when you’re camping? Put a water bottle on top of your phone flashlight or head-lamp for a lantern effect."

    A lit-up bottle

    11. "Twist and pull from the middle of your paper towel to keep the roll clean and protected!"

    Twisted towels

    12. "My favorite 'hack' is buying two bins that fit in the back of my car. One holds the tents/sleeping bags, etc.; the other holds cooking/lights/etc., and they are always good to go! It cuts down packing the car time and dumb forgetfulness by a lot, starts the trip off on a better foot, and is better for storage!"

    Camping supplies on the ground

    13. "Store your camp mattresses inside a pull-out couch when you're not using it. It helps space in your garage or basement and makes your pull-out more comfortable."

    A mattress

    14. "The ultimate tent space-saving hack when camping with kids."

    Cots fashioned as bunk beds

    15. "Use baby powder to keep sand from sticking to you, especially when you're sweaty. Also works great for itching with bug bites."

    Gold Bond Body Powder

    16. "Zip ties for the tent door zippers; keeps small children in and raccoons out as well as deters some thieves while alerting you if any weren't."

    A zip tie on a wire

    17. "I highly recommend getting a sous vide cooker and prep meals at home. The process will pasteurize your meats so they will keep for quite a while. When it’s time to cook, just heat the bag in water, then sear the meat at the end. I’ve prepared some gourmet meals at a campfire with no more effort than it takes to light the fire. Works for many vegetables, too."

    Food on the grill

    18. "A hot water bottle in the bottom of the bed was a game-changer for me when we started camping with our infant. Now, we have a family set!"

    A silicon bag

    19. "Two tarps, one under the tent and to hang over it if it rains."

    Tied tarps

    20. "Burn some fresher fallen wood or greens to ward off insects. Works 10 times better than anything else."

    A person starting a fire

    And finally...

    21. "Doritos are flammable! For damp logs that just won’t light, you’ve got nothing left to lose."

    Someone holding a bag of Doritos in front of a campfire