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    19 Boozy Sweets For Grownups Who Love Candy

    Because there's more to life than wine gums.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

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    1. These adorable sake flavoured Kit Kats.


    Promising review: "They are so good. It tastes like a very sweet, mild sake. If you're a fan of sake, or just looking for something unusual, these won't disappoint."– Amazon Customer

    Price: Get a pack of three here for $13 or a pack of nine for $19.19.

    2. This tub of yummy chadonnay flavoured cotton candy.


    Not a fan of chardonnay? The cotton candy is also available in beer and merlot!

    Price: $4.50

    3. This package of sweet caramel macchiato and whisky popcorn.


    It's a blend of 5% scotch whiskey, coffee, and caramel. And it's also gluten-free!

    Price: $6.72

    4. This milk chocolate bar filled with a delicious liquid cognac filling.


    Promising review: "It's a hit with my husband and his cognac sipping friends."– Dawn Davies

    Price: Get a pack of four bars for $31.99.

    5. This super fancy bag of champagne flavoured Jelly Bellys.


    Promising review: "These are fantastic! I am a bit of a connoisseur of Jelly Belly flavors, and these are addictively delicious. Sweet, but not overly so, light fruity taste, and a nice sparkly gold colour."– Grace E. Campbell

    Price: Get one bottle for $6.98 or a pack of two for $8.38.

    6. These decadent chocolate cherries smothered with brandy.


    Promising review: "I am hooked on these. I order them often."– Judy A. Jones

    Price: Get a 5-piece pack for $6.86 and a 75-piece pack for $48.99.

    7. This luxurious bag of Guinness toffees.


    Promising review: "Outstanding toffee!"– Karen DuBois

    Price: $3.45

    Want something even sweeter? There's also Guinness fudge! Get a box for $4.60.

    8. This rich dark chocolate bar flavoured with lemoncello.


    It's packed full with decadent chocolate and tangy citrus.

    Price: $13.95

    9. This can of draft beer-flavoured Jelly Bellys.


    Promising review: "My father was thrilled to receive these as a gift. What a fun gift for the beer lover in your life! Very cute packaging and a fun gag gift."– Ellen P. Lafleche-christian

    Price: Get a fancy can of them for $14.44 or just get a bag of them for $6.20.

    10. These little chocolate bites filled with... vodka.


    Promising review: "A friend from Finland brought me a box of these tasty chocolates. Now, I would trade my large bowl of leftover Halloween candy (many of my favorite "grocery store" chocolates) for one generous serving of these delights."– Mr. R. Holland

    Price: $20.95

    11. This crunchy moonshine peanut brittle.

    Promising review: "Best peanut brittle ever!"– Richard A. Rose

    Price: $14.98

    If you're not a into moonshine, there's a beer brittle available for $17.88.

    12. This ooey gooey gin and tonic caramel sauce.


    Smother it over popcorn or whatever else you want.

    Price: $20.19

    13. This bag of whisky fudge bites.


    Promising review: "Delicious... all smiles!"– Lady K

    Price: $2.30

    14. These super fancy gin and lemon truffles.


    Price: $38.50

    More of a champagne person? Get some bubbly truffles here for $35.98.

    15. These rich Baileys Irish Cream truffles covered in ganache.


    Promising review: "As soon as I have my first one I can't get my hands off them!"– May

    Price: Get a pack of two for $22.07.

    16. These spooky tequila worm lollipops.


    Promising review: "My boss loves tequila so I wanted to find something different to include in a gift basket. These fit the bill perfectly. Everyone loved them."– Wndywen

    Price: $1.99

    17. These chocolate cordials filled with liquid amaretto.


    Promising review: "These are very hard to find, so I was so excited to find them online, that I ordered three bags and have been enjoying them ever since."– Michael Everett

    Price: $17.98

    18. These milk chocolates filled with Kahlua coffee liquor.


    Promising review: "Very addictive and very good."– Jeff Hodder

    Price: $26.74

    19. And finally, these mojito and bloody mary shot glasses because why not.


    Price: $9.95

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