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    23 Of The Best Things You Can Get On Amazon Canada For Under $5

    A mix of cute and useful items to treat yourself to!

    1. This genius rubber ducky that will warn you when the bath water is too hot for a baby's delicate skin.

    2. This bestselling Neutrogena shampoo that will remove and wash away all the residue that other hair products leave behind.

    3. These vibrant mechanical pencils that are refillable and never need sharpening.

    4. This set of handy bra extenders that have just the right amount of elastic to make a tight-fitting bra feel more comfortable.

    5. This 2-in-1 meat chopper that will easily separate *and* drain ground meat. Say goodbye to soggy and greasy nachos!

    6. These stylish retro vinyl coasters that look WAYYYYYY more expensive than they really are.

    7. This multifunctional carabiner that can be used to attach things like your keys or water bottle to your backpack — and it can open a bottle of beer.

    8. This Garnier Moisture Bomb face mask that uses serum, hyaluronic acid, and pomegranate to hydrate dry skin. Talk about a triple threat!

    9. A pair of adorable goldfish earrings that reviewers say they get compliments on ALL 👏 THE 👏 TIME 👏 .

    10. These mint-flavoured flossers that are coated in fluoride (to help prevent cavities) and vitamin E (to help soothe sore gums).

    11. These bestselling cut resistant gloves that will make sure you leave the kitchen with 10 fingers every single time. Even if you're using a mandolin!

    12. An dog poop bag dispenser that can attach to any leash *and* has nifty hook on the back that can hold filled bags, so you can continue your walk hands-free.

    13. A stainless steel cleaner spray that will eliminate fingerprints, smudges, residue, and grease from your appliances.

    14. This bacon-scented dog ball that is perfect for teething puppies or senior dogs with sensitive teeth.

    15. A lightweight and reflective vest strap that will keep you safe when you're running or biking at night.

    16. A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend that will eliminate difficult soap scum, rust, hard water deposits, and just about everything else.

    17. This egg yolk separator that can fit on the side of a cup of bowl for hands-free baking.

    18. A pack of reusable rubber twist ties that will keep your chords from turning into a nightmare of a mess.

    19. This super cute French Bulldog ring that can be adjusted to fit your exact finger size.

    20. These bestselling hanging strips that will help you achieve that gallery wall aesthetic *without* having to use a hammer or nails.

    21. This bestselling sticker set that will add a splash of colour to your laptop or skateboard. It comes with 100 different stickers!

    22. A pack of bedsheet suspender clips that will make sure your sheet doesn't slip off the corner of your mattress again.

    23. And finally, this bestselling knitted beanie that comes in an array of 60 different colours! Reviewers can't stop raving about how it feels way more expensive than its price tag would have you believe.

    Because why spend $10 when you can spend $5?