These 15 Parents Were Genius Enough To Keep "Back-Ups" Of Their Kids' Favorite Stuffed Animals — Here's What They Look Like Today

    My mom kept a mint-condition "back-up" of my favorite childhood toy for OVER 30 years. Here's what it looks like now!

    I was helping my mom do some spring cleaning recently when she went into the closet and pulled out a *mint-condition* version of the stuffed animal that I had for my entire childhood, "Peter the Penguin."

    I was genuinely shocked at how original Peter looked compared to his untouched and much cleaner "twin" brother:

    Two Peter the Penguins side-by-side

    So, I scoured the wellworn subreddit, and it looks like a lot of other parents were as clever as my mom (shoutout mom! 💖) and kept back-ups of their kids' favorite toys. Here are some of the most satisfying, endearing, and arguably "gross" before and after photos I found:

    1. "New stuffed Pikachu vs. the one that’s been well-loved (and compressed) for close to 10 years."

    Two Pikachu stuffed toys

    2. "21 years later, a friend of mine takes this stuffed bear anywhere with her. It is unrecognizable when it's not laid out like this."

    A stuffed bear next to a tattered one

    3. "My mom bought the same stuffed animal for my sister in case she lost it. After 16 years, we found all four of them."

    Stuffed toys on a bed

    4. "A tale of two teddy bears. My sister and I both got them at the same time around 18 years ago."

    Two teddy bears on a bed

    5. "My child’s #1 favorite stuffed animal. Left side was given to them in 2018, right side from eBay just arrived last month (and they could not care less about it)."

    Two stuffed toys side-by-side

    6. "We also keep a backup, or three, of our son's favorite stuffed animal."

    Stuffed dogs on the carpet

    7. "My 1998 stuffed Pikachu. It was well-loved and given to me by my parents who thought it was a cute mouse and had no idea I liked Pokémon. The second picture is a mint condition one."

    Two stuffed Pikachus

    8. "My favorite stuffed dog brand new vs. 19 years later of going everywhere with me over the years."

    A new stuffed dog vs. a used one

    9. "15+-year-old giraffe stuffed animal vs. new giraffe stuffed animal from today! Bought at the same zoo shop. Old is on the right, new on the left."

    Two giraffe stuffed toys

    10. "My sister's 26-year-old stuffed cat vs. a 'new' one from eBay."

    Two stuffed toy cats

    11. "My favorite stuffed animal, 21 years later."

    A stuffed toy before and after

    12. "A picture of my beloved childhood stuffed rabbit, Bunny, compared to an image of what it would have originally looked like in 1986."

    Someone's stuffed rabbit compared to how a new one would look

    13. "My 15-year-old stuffed animal vs. a new one I saw online."

    Two stuffed toy monkeys

    14. "Slept with this stuffed animal every day for 10 years and finally got my son one of his own."

    Two stuffed toys on a bed

    And finally...

    15. "My favorite stuffed animal from 20 years ago versus one in near perfect condition that I ordered for nostalgia."

    Two stuffed toys side-by-side, one old and one new

    Now, it's your turn! What was your favorite stuffed animal or toy as a kid? Comment below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.