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    15 Baby Elephants Throwing Big Temper Tantrums

    *flips trunk*

    1. This little guy who refuses to stop playing and come inside for dinner:

    2. And this floppy-eared fellow who has got quite the attitude:

    3. This little cutie who likes to take out his angst on innocent shrubs:

    4. And this playful pal who can't stand sharing with their sibling:

    5. This tired fella who simply can't go on:

    6. And this teeny rebel who can't believe you made them wait thirty minutes before swimming:

    7. This little trunkster who needs some parental attention ASAP:

    8. And this picky eater who refuses to accept veggies are on the menu again:

    9. These two troublemakers splashing away from their responsibilities:

    10. And this sleepy dude who only wanted an extra five minutes of sleep:

    11. This cute basket-basher who asked specifically for a purple one, MOM:

    12. And this sassy trunk-swinger who thinks they're a little too old for holding hands:

    13. This adorable stomper who isn't in the mood for a photoshoot:

    14. This dramatic fella who didn't want to participate:

    15. And lastly, this talented calf who can't believe they didn't make the cut for the Olympic gymnastic team: