In Honor Of The Unsettling "Dune" Popcorn Bucket, Here's What Other Iconic Movie Popcorn Buckets Would Look Like

    Eating popcorn out of a bathtub is so Saltburn-coded.

    The Dune popcorn bucket has taken the internet by storm and for good reason. I swear, after seeing it just once, it's been etched into my brain (and not in a good way). Even the cast of Dune has been left speechless after seeing it. But I was wondering what it would look like if other iconic movies had their own popcorn buckets?

    The thought of putting my soft baby hands into that...well, worm hole, is really killing my appetite. But what about these movie-inspired buckets?

    1. Shrek:

    A whimsical cottage made of wood and popcorn representing a cozy scene related to TV and movies

    2. Barbie:

    A whimsical popcorn bucket designed like a pink house featured in an animated setting

    3. Saltburn:

    A bathtub-shaped bowl filled with popcorn on a table, with an artistic painting in the background

    4. Fight Club:

    Popcorn bucket with 'Fight Club' logo, in a parking garage. No people present

    5. It:

    Giant red-striped popcorn bucket spilling over on a misty street, symbolizing a movie experience

    6. Forrest Gump:

    Box of gourmet popcorn overturned on a park bench, popcorn spilled onto the seat and ground

    7. Ghost:

    Clay-animated hands shaping a vase on a potter’s wheel, popcorn kernels popping out

    8. Alien:

    Batman-themed popcorn machine in the shape of the Bat-Signal, popcorn overflowing

    9. The Godfather:

    a horse-shaped popcorn bucket

    10. Back to the Future:

    Delorean car with open gull-wing doors filled with popcorn, parked outside, referencing film nostalgia

    11. The Wizard of Oz:

    Red sparkling high-heeled shoe filled with popcorn on a yellow brick road background, no people

    12. The Matrix:

    Two oversized spilled pill capsules filled with popcorn on a corridor floor, invoking a surreal cinematic concept

    And finally...

    13. A Christmas Story:

    A stylized lamp with a popcorn shade and a high-heel switch, evoking luxury in a festive setting

    Which bucket was your favorite? Comment below!