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    22 Reasons Why Kansas City Is Really Awesome (And You Should Totally Visit)

    Just don't mention Bumgarner. We're still upset about that.

    1. The nightlife is a lot of fun

    2. Soccer's super popular here

    3. And baseball

    4. Beer!

    5. No really, we like craft beer a lot

    6. The shopping district is really pretty

    7. And it's even prettier at Christmas time

    8. There's a lot of artsy stuff

    9. The fountains are awesome!

    10. There's live music basically everywhere, both big...

    11. ...and small

    12. We even have our own music festival called Middle of the Map Fest

    13. BARBECUE

    14. Also, we've jumped on the food truck bandwagon if you're into that

    15. At Christmas, you can even take a Cinderella carriage ride around the city

    16. This is what our library looks like from the outside

    17. Diversity!

    18. We're big on the Irish, with an Irish Fest every August...

    19. ...and a parade every St Patrick's Day.

    20. Seriously, we really like Ireland.

    21. If you're part of the hipster set, KC is basically the poor man's Brooklyn.

    22. And, finally, it's just a really pretty city

    Now come visit!