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22 Reasons Why Kansas City Is Really Awesome (And You Should Totally Visit)

Just don't mention Bumgarner. We're still upset about that.

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9. The fountains are awesome!

Storage Locations / Via

Fun fact – The only city in the world that has more fountains than Kansas City is Rome, Italy.

It's also a fact that they look totally badass when they freeze over.

17. Diversity!

Mark Frazier / Via

We have two Little Italys, one of the oldest Hispanic neighborhoods in the Midwest, a pretty good-sized Croatian community in Strawberry Hill (shoutout to the local povitica company by the same name), and lots of other cultural areas around the city.

21. If you're part of the hipster set, KC is basically the poor man's Brooklyn.

Resolute KC / Via

We have blocks of independent art galleries in the Crossroads District, craft breweries, tons of local bands, and a coffee shop with baristas so strict that they won't even let you add milk and sugar to your coffee.

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