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10 Signs You're In A Committed Relationship With Netflix

Things are serious. It's 'Facebook Official.'

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1. You’ve gone ridiculous amounts of time without interaction with the outside world. Or showering, for that matter.

Build Strong Productions / Via

Deodorant is also a little bit overrated.

2. There’s nothing more appealing than a night in, watching Netflix with your best friends, Ben and Jerry!

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

*Kanye shrug*

3. The minimum number of episodes you ever watch in one sitting is three.

NBC / Via

Don't lie to yourself. Just let it happen.

4. Netflix just gets you.

ABC / Via

I mean, the suggestions are nearly spot on. That's love.

5. Choosing your next show to marathon is like planning your future with your significant other.

NBC / Via

It's gotta be perfect.

6. You appreciate that Netflix doesn’t judge you.

Universal Pictures / Via

No pants, no problem!

7. You no longer make excuses for missing social engagements. Spending time with Netflix is a good enough reason.

NBC / Via

Social engagements = Shaving your legs

Shaving your legs = Time spent away from Netflix

Time spent away from Netflix = Bad

8. The only time Netflix disappoints you is when it asks you if you’re still watching.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via

Of course I’m still watching, Netflix. Who do you think I am?

9. Netflix gave you the best Valentine's Day gift. Ever.

Netflix / Via

The ability to binge-watch every episode of the new season of "House of Cards" was better than any traditional gift. #ForgetTheRoses #ShowMeTheNetflix

10. Like you will with you future children, you tell everyone about the greatness that is the "Netflix Original Series."

Netflix / Via

I'm looking at you, "Orange is the New Black."

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