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Subtle Reasons To Love NYC

This week, I took a few moments to jot down a few reason why New York City is, in fact, the best city ever.

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1. $1 Slice Pizza

Not all pizza is created equal. But, when you're hungry at 2am, this is your saving grace. It's also very acceptable for lunch too.

2. Bryant Park Restroom

Possibly the cleanest public restroom ever. It's SUPER clean. There are attendants with things you might need (ladies you know what I mean). And I'm not sure if it's me, but I think I can hear classical music...

3. Grafitti

If you are sitting on the east side of the 2/3 train, and no train is passing on the west side, and the sun is peeking through the grates at the right angle, you will see some SPECTACULAR art between 72nd & 96th.

4. Brownstones

There is a subtle, uniformed individuality in every brownstone from the Upper West Side to Brooklyn. Maybe one day, I'll learn what it's like to live that life? A girl can dream...

5. Street Festivals

Basically, if it's not winter, there is always a street festival somewhere in the city. Personal favorite items: past season Essie nail polish, Bacon creations, Alcohol (all of it), Mozzarella stuffed Arepas, Fried anything, Music, and Dancing.

6. IKEA Ferry

Busting up ice chunks in the dead of winter.

Amazing roof top blesses in the spring and summer.

Killer waves in the fall.

7. Roosevelt Island Tram

It may be crowded and smelly and hot during summer weekends, but if you are on it at the right time....the aerial view of the Cherry Blossoms. Breathtaking.

8. Chelsea Piers Sunset

Now, you are technically looking at Jersey (I think). But, it's so bright and warm and breezy. Grab a Coca Cola and relax on bench to reflect on the day you've had.

9. Bethesda Terrace

As a musician, the acoustics are to die for. There is usually some kind of stellar musical act there. Absorb the vibes.

10. The First Snow At Central Park

So much untouched powder to frolic in. Wake up early. Go nuts!

11. Botanical Gardens (Bronx)

Wait, am I still in NYC? Why am I walking aimlessly and barefoot through the grass? If you're originally from a place that has nature, it's a little patch of Heaven.

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