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Benson's Boys

A definitive ranking (according to me) of the men in Olivia Benson's life. Good and Bad. Here they are.

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21. Dale Stuckey


Bing. Bang. Bong. So annoying. The pain in the side of Manhattan Special Victims Unit. He killed Ryan (I'll never forgive him for that). He tried to kill Elliot (I'll live with that). But, you hurt Olivia's partner (secret sex friend), you hurt Olivia. So, you hurt me.

18. Ed Tucker


He is not in a relationship with Olivia Benson. He never was. And he never will be. He is simply around to jam up the squad on some bulls**t. And he's always lurking around the corner to catch you on an off day. But, he did come through in the clutch that one time. So, I'll give him a pass. TUCKSON is not a thing!

17. Simon Marsden


Baby Brother Simon. He's important because he is her only family- the link to her less than stellar past. And plus, his f**k-ups make Olivia look like a normal person. Because, we all know she is a little strange sometimes and does some out-of-the-box stuff.

15. Rafael Barba


Her other snazzy hypothetical little brother. (Mariska said this! She asked a group of people- I was there- about "ships". Someone said Barba and she said, "He's like my brother.") But, back to the topic... He is all business. Not my favorite ADA, but he's solid and has Olivia's back on cases. (Alex and Casey did whatever they wanted on the regular) Not a thing: BARSON

13. Trevor Langan


He may defend scum (and Olivia) but he helped her get a baby. And she owes him for that. If I ever get into some s**t, I'm calling Trevor. Because he's one of like 10 Defense Attorneys in Manhattan.

12. Dominick "Sonny" Carisi Jr.


Sonny. The ultimate fanboy of the squad. She actually hates him. I can see it in her eyes when his says dumb s**t. But, she doesn't want to be short-staffed, so he gets to stay. I think losing the mustache helped. He stopped looking like a perp and more like a detective.

10. Calvin Arliss (Benson)


Olivia's FATS (first and true son). Ugh, she was about ready to die from the feels when he signed his name "Calvin Benson". He was her first taste of motherhood and we all cried when he was ripped from her arms. I'm still salty af.

7. Fin Tutuola


The OG. Ponytail or a buzz cut- he sticks by Olivia. Fin just wants to see her happy. He's the only man tall enough to reach a doorknob that hasn't walked out on her.

I know. That's messed up.

6. Nick Amaro


He was only her partner for a short while. And they went through a rough patch. But, man, oh, man were they a good team. They were dedicated to the job and to each other. He was constantly getting into trouble and Olivia was constantly fighting for him. #Friends4Life BENSARO is also not a thing.

4. Brian Cassidy


That boyfriend. The one that none of your friends liked. The one that you can CLEARLY do better than. The one that sticks by you despite all those things. They worked so well together. She loves Brian. And he loves her too. BENSIDY is endgame for me.

3. Elliot Stabler

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Her partner (secret sex friend). Her work-husband. Her best friend. Her longest relationship with a man. So many things can be said about why Elliot is so f**king important to her. But, lets leave it at how wrecked she was when he left.

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