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    Posted on Jun 29, 2014

    20 Things Only Nutrition Majors Will Understand

    "Oh so you want to be a nutritionist or something?"

    1. You've tried to explain dietetics more than once...

    You know what, forget it. Just nutrition. I'm a nutrition major.

    2. People are constantly undermining your "easy" major.

    You're right. I just take all of these upper division biology and chemistry classes for fun (sobs at memories of biochem).

    3. Your friends always judge what you eat.

    "Yes, I am eating another salad and no, I am not dieting. Just aiming for my adequate intake of vitamins and minerals for the day."

    -blank stares-

    4. Especially when you eat something that doesn't have the best nutritional value...

    "Aren't you a nutrition major?"

    1. Yes and also a human.

    2. I don't eat like this everyday - moderation is key.

    3. Pass me the pizza before I get angry.

    5. People often seek you out for nutrition advice.

    Which you love because YOU KNOW THIS STUFF.

    6. Doesn't exactly mean they will follow it...

    Perhaps a baked potato instead? Did you know sweet potatoes have carotenoids?! Oh, alright cheese fries it is. (Can't say you didn't try)

    7. 'Consume' has became a normal word in your vocabulary.

    You're not even really sure when this happened, but it makes you feel legit.

    8. You've had nightmares involving Human Metabolism or Medical Nutrition Therapy.

    So much information, so little time.

    9. People aren't always a fan of going grocery shopping with you.

    You cannot be rushed at the grocery store. Nutrition labels are meant to be read and examined before you make any decisions.

    "Well this one has more soluble fiber than this one and omg look they have this in low sodium!"

    10. Mock counseling with your professor is scary/awkward.

    Sure professor, I'll pretend to counsel you while I watch you scribble on your pad what I'm doing wrong. How much of my grade is this worth again?

    11. People have asked you about weight loss advice.

    "Hold on let's use Mifflin St. Jeor to see how much energy you should be consuming per day. How active are you and what is your approximate weight and height?" (Don't forget to subtract 500 for weight loss)

    Look at you, you pro.

    12. You may or may not have gotten in a few arguments about nutrition.

    Non-evidence based claims, fad diets, diet pills, etc. It would be best if these were not spoken around us.

    13. You've also been on your soap box about the importance of specific nutrients more than you'd like to admit.

    "You should find alternate ways to get calcium in your diet if you don't like milk! Now is the time to build that calcium bank!"

    "You don't eat meat? PLEASE look into a B12 supplement."

    14. You are either one of hundreds of girls, or one of three guys in class.

    May the odds be ever in your favor. JK if you're one of the few lucky gents in the major, you will end up with 50 new female besties. Don't act like you don't love it.

    15. You own an IDNT Manual, and you are not afraid to use it.

    Not to mention you have officially mastered PES statements.

    16. There were a few times you had to wear a hair net on campus...

    Don't mind me. Just checking holding temperatures and ensuring food safety. You're welcome.

    17. Since your food safety courses, you have never looked at restaurants the same.

    Did that person wash their hands? Why is that employee allowed to have nails that long? I wonder if the salad bar is at 41°?

    Foodborne illness is real people.

    18. You've had to stay in countless times to study.

    Which people respond with "Cs get degrees" or my favorite "You're just a nutrition major."

    That internship will be worth it though - keep it up! (pours another gallon of coffee)

    19. Speaking of RD internships and grad school applications...

    Stressful is an understatement.

    20. You know it is all worth it though because someday soon you will be bettering people's lives, one diet and lifestyle change at a time!

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