What It Was Like Getting A Chain Email, As Told By Meg Ryan

The year is 1998. The place: the World Wide Web.

1. You log onto the internet…

2. And check your email.

3. (Which looks something like this.)

4. Hey, a new message!

5. For good luck, you must send it on to 10 friends.

The Hawaiian good luck totem will look out for you, duh.

6. If you don’t, bad luck will find you.

7. According to the email, one woman passed it on and won the lottery that week!

That’d be nice.

8. But a man in the Philippines broke the chain and, the next day, his wife died.

9. Who believes these things?

10. On the other hand, what if it’s true…

11. And something really bad happened?

Like, what if the Spice Girls broke up?

12. Think of that poor man from Guam.

Or wherever.

13. You might as well play it safe. Right?

Besides, in 1998, chain emails are still kind of novelty.

14. So you consider who your recipients will be.

15. These are difficult decisions.

16. Finally, you’ve typed in all their addresses, which you had memorized.

Address books are hard.

17. Wait, that’s only nine.

18. Who else is there?! (Who wouldn’t totally judge you?!)

19. Okay, just add your third cousin or something and call it good.

20. Finished! You hit ‘send.’

21. Bullet dodged.

22. You wonder how long it will take for something lucky to happen.

23. Good things are totally coming your way!

24. Now, what’s this about Bill Gates sharing his fortune?

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