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27 Vines For The Cooking-Impaired

These videos will help you impress friends and love interests with newfound culinary skills in six seconds! Okay, you might have to watch a few times to get it down.

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1. (First things first: the apron)

2. A midnight omelette

3. Grilled cheese roll-ups

4. Tzatziki sauce

5. Spaghetti and meatballs

6. Sushi

For maximum food-poisoning prevention, just use vegetables, not raw fish.

7. Roasted poblano peppers

8. Nutella-filled cookies

9. Scrambled eggs

10. Fried green tomatoes

11. S'mores dip

12. Lasagna

13. Pasta with chicken sausage

14. Grilled avocado

15. Squash and kale pizza

16. Rice milk smoothie with avocado and blueberries

17. Kale chips

18. Spiced popcorn

19. Lettuce wraps with tuna and mango

20. The perfect sunny-side-up egg

21. Sriracha guacamole

22. Chinese tea eggs

It's a thing.

23. Sauteed zucchini

24. Green juice

25. Rainbow cupcakes

26. Avocado toast

You can never have enough avocado, right?

27. And finally, the most disgusting smoothie you've ever seen in your life.

Thanks but no thanks, Urban Outfitters.

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