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    40 Of The Most Shocking, Crazy, Amazing Moments On "Breaking Bad"

    WARNING: SPOILERS. Do not read if you haven't caught up on the series. If you're totally ready for Sunday night, though, let's take a look back at all the things that made us go ohemgee.

    1. In the beginning, when we saw just how out-of-control Walter White's life had become.

    2. When Walt saved himself and Jesse from a tricky situation through clever use of phosphine gas.

    3. When Jesse failed to locate the correct type of plastic bin to contain hydrofluoric acid.

    4. When Walt stood up to the meth distributor Tuco and earned his respect.

    5. When we learned about Marie's kleptomania.

    6. When there was a shootout between Hank and Tuco.

    7. When Jesse confronted the meth head couple (and rescued their kid!)

    8. When Walt and Jesse got stuck in the desert with the RV.

    9. When Saul figured out a way to launder Walt's drug money through the donation site created by Walt Jr.

    10. When the tortoise exploded.

    11. When Jane overdosed on heroin.

    12. When Jane's distraught father caused this mid-air collision.

    13. When a frustrated Walt threw a giant pizza on the roof.

    14. When The Cousins found out where the notorious Heisenberg lived.

    15. When Walt said he was the one who knocked.

    16. When Jesse bought his parents' house.

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    17. When we saw the Superlab for the first time.

    18. And then this happened.

    19. When Skyler has an affair with Ted.

    20. When the DEA nearly discovered the RV before it could be demolished.

    21. When Hank assaulted Jesse at his home on suspicion of the latter's involvement with Heisenberg.

    22. When Hank was shot in the parking lot.

    23. When Walt ran over a couple drug dealers with his Aztec to protect Jesse.

    24. When Jesse, against his better judgment, shot Gale point-blank to protect Walt.

    25. When Hank discovered Gale's notes to "W.W."

    26. When Skyler jumped into the pool fully clothed.

    27. When Walt took his son's new car out... and blew it up.

    28. When Jesse and Gus poisoned a whole Mexican drug cartel.

    29. When Gus fired Walt and threatened to hurt his family.

    30. When Walt discovered Skyler had given the money stored in the crawl space to Ted, so the family couldn't go into hiding.

    31. When Gus went out with a bang.

    32. When we discovered it was Walt who poisoned Andrea's son.

    33. This flashforward showing Walt using an alias at a Denny's on his 52nd birthday.

    34. When Walt and Jesse rigged a magnet to erase incriminating evidence on Gus's computer.

    35. When this became the new cook site.

    36. When the crew pulled off the greatest train robbery of the century.

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    Do yourself a favor and watch the whole scene again. You will not regret it.

    37. And when this happened at the end :(

    38. When Walter made this impulsive decision.

    39. When Skyler made Walt see just how successful he'd been.

    40. And, finally, when this happened.

    41. Get. Ready.