How To Beach: 23 Lessons Brought To You By Animals

Memorial Day marks the start of summer! Soon you’ll be relaxing at the beach again (if you’re not already), and these guys want to show you how to do it right.

1. Take this elephant’s advice: playing in the waves is probably the most fun you’ll ever have.

2. And wet sand between the toes is pretty exciting.

3. Kick back like this cat.

4. Or just lie down and soak up some rays.

5. If you get too toasty, there’s always shade somewhere.

6. Or you could take a dip!

7. Because surfing is fun.

8. Seriously.

9. This dog is so stoked, he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

10. But this monkey has some ideas.

11. So make sure you pack enough snacks!

12. And bring your floaties.

This is literally a sea horse.

13. Or whatever else you need.

14. Then grab some friends and go!

15. (This puppy spent a little too much time with the monkey.)

16. Feel free to snap some selfies while you’re at it.

17. But be careful not to drop your phone!

18. Because the beach is a place to chill out.

19. Take a nap.

20. And maybe cool off that sunburn.

21. Really, how could you go wrong?

22. You can’t. Happy summer!

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