Have You Ever Been So Drunk That You…

…did any of these things?

1. Stole a ferry?

That’s CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow to you.

3. Reached twice the blood alcohol content needed to kill a man and lived?

Oh, Latvia.

4. Made the creepiest photobomb ever?

5. Ruined somebody’s wedding?

6. Became a human watermelon?

8. Aimed directly for the pole?

9. Fought off a tree?

12. Thought you could trust your friends?

13. Tried catching a one-legged goose so you could roast it?

15. Became a patriot on the news?

16. Couldn’t pose for your mugshot?

17. Danced to Skrillex?

18. Tried roof surfing?

19. Forgot you had to read the weather report?

In 1987, this weather reporter was called away from a Halloween party (where he was drinking) to do his job.

21. Couldn’t navigate the exit?

What’s the craziest drunken shenanigans you’ve gotten yourself into? Add them in the comments below!

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