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    16 Sartorially Sophisticated Children

    "Baby style blogs" are now a thing. Dressing the elementary set has come a long way from cargo shorts and sequined vests.

    This is Kingston, star of Heart & Habit.

    This is his costar, Harlow.

    Their mother follows them around with a camera to capture moments like these.

    And also solicits "street style" submissions from readers.

    Marshall here "writes" his own blog, called The Tiny Times.

    Where he also opines on travel, food, and culture.

    Ladys & Gents, started by two moms in the fashion industry, shows off more stylish kids.

    But if you haven't had enough, there's Children With Swag,

    Hide and Go,

    Bambino Street Style,

    Mini Hipster,

    Posh Kids,

    The Blue Closet,

    And Planet Awesome Kid.

    Suri Cruise has a lot of work to do.