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8 Of The Best Masterpieces For Art-Lovers In Rome

Rome, Italy is well-known for being an art center of the world, both today and in the ancient past. Hundreds of people travel each year in order to see some of the work of famous artists face to face. From Bernini to Michelangelo, Italy is full of various styles from the centuries. For both those who travel to Italy or for those who live there, here are some of the best paintings, sculptures, and architecture in Rome today:

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1. Dying Gaul

Wikimedia Commons

This Ancient Roman marble statue is actually a copy of an earlier Greek/Hellenistic piece from the 3rd century B.C.E. The incredible pathos, or emotional appeal, is simply remarkable.

2. The Sistine Chapel

Via Wikimedia Commons

There is a reason this chapel is famous and it’s not just because Michelangelo painted the majority of it. When you walk inside, there is a tangible awe in the air that is hard to describe. It’s difficult not to be amazed at the grandiose nature of the painted walls.

3. St. Peter’s Basilica


This late Renaissance church, located within Vatican City, is one of the two largest churches in the world. Regarded in Catholicism as one of the most holiest shrines, the church marks the tomb of St. Peter. Today, the Pope gives many sermons from either inside the basilica or in St. Peter’s Square just outside the building.

4. La Pietà

Via Wikimedia Commons

Michelangelo’s great talent came from his ability to convey emotion out of raw materials. Whether with fresco paints or cold marble (like in this case), Michelangelo manages to pull emotion from both his audiences and his materials.


As one of the hugest fountains in the world, Trevi fountain looms 86 feet high and over 160 feet wide. Legend has it that back in 19 BC a young girl guided thirsty Roman soldiers to a source of pure water. That source was later turned into an aqueduct leading to the city. This scene is portrayed on the fountain’s facade.

6. Fountain of the Four Rivers

Anyone who travels to Italy, will notice the abundance of ancient Egyptian obelisks incorporated into the Roman architecture. In the Ancient Roman Empire, Romans would take these obelisks from Egypt as tokens of their conquest. The Fountain of the Four Rivers is a fountain with one of these obelisks in the center, surrounded by four Baroque statues. These statues represent the four major rivers of each of the continents which papal authority had entered. The Nile represents Africa, the Ganges represents Asia, the Río de la Plata represents America, and the Danube represents Europe. Another great thing about the fountain is that unlike the various museums, it’s completely free to the public.

7. Laocoön

Rome Abroad

This amazing piece of art dates back to the first century B.C.E. This sculpture is held in the Vatican Museums and was rediscovered in the Renaissance Period after being buried for a long time. Michelangelo saw the work shortly after its discovery and the sculpture inspired him in his own work such as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and sculptures like Dying Slave.

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