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    33 Reasons Craig Ferguson's Retirement Should Make You Want To Cry

    The best host of all time announced he would step down from the show at the end of December. This is NOT a great day for America.

    1. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson is not like any other show.

    2. He's not afraid to admit his mistakes.

    3. He's always classy when it counts.

    4. He's not afraid to address the hard stuff, either.

    5. He even won a Peabody Award for excellence.

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    Craig's interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a sterling example of television.

    6. But don't be fooled, nobody has more fun than Craig.

    7. He's really just like you and me.

    8. He gives the best advice.

    9. His sidekicks include a ROBOT SKELETON...

    10. AND a fake horse consisting of two interns in a costume.

    11. He often pulls up random guests from the audience and uses them in the show's opening.

    12. He's into the same nerdy stuff that we all are.

    13. Speaking of Dr. Who, Craig used to be in a punk rock band with the current Doctor.

    14. He even wrote a book about it.

    15. In fact, he loves America so much that he became a legal citizen.

    16. He teaches you about geography in awesome ways.

    17. He also helps you learn about science.

    18. science, too.

    19. Craig always strives to teach us something with his show.

    20. He's charming.

    21. He's cultured.

    22. He's multi-talented.

    23. He's also not afraid to make fun of himself and his job.

    24. He speaks the hard truth.

    25. He has no shame in service to the show.

    26. No, but seriously.

    27. He'll do anything.

    28. ANYTHING.

    29. He's one hundred percent comfortable in his own skin.

    30. He also accepts you just as you are.

    31. And he wants you to do the same for yourself.

    32. In conclusion, if you're not devastated Craig Ferguson is leaving, you're wrong.

    33. Because Craig Ferguson is perfect.