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    19 Moments You've Totally Experienced If You're A Female Programmer

    Ask me if I know Linux again. I dare you.

    1. You've perfected the art of sweeping the room to count fellow comrades the moment you walk into college lectures.

    2. Joining online communities for women in tech feels like you've found your people.

    3. Picking the perfect work outfit can be a challenge between balancing what's most comfortable and what doesn't appear "too feminine."

    4. But you also know that femininity isn't the antithesis to badassery.

    5. You've looked up gender ratios at potential jobs.

    6. You've felt so much better when you learned the definition of imposter syndrome.

    7. But you've also thought, "But that doesn't apply to me because I actually am an imposter."

    8. You've also realized that your imposter syndrome has imposter syndrome.

    9. Recursive imposter syndrome.

    10. You've finally understood what it feels like to be the majority when you went to your first women's hackathon.

    11. You've crafted clapbacks in your head for when a guy says "I wish I was a girl, it would be so much easier to get an internship."

    12. And you've, through experience, developed a go-to algorithm to deal with mansplainers and brogrammers.

    13. You've jump at the opportunity to mentor (women-tor?) a promising newcomer who's not sure if she belongs... but OF COURSE SHE DOES.

    14. You've tried to plan a girls' night out – but realized you weren't friends with enough girls to throw one.

    15. Margaret Hamilton, Grace Hopper, and Ada Lovelace all equal ultimate lady hacker goals.

    16. You've fangirled over Hidden Figures.

    17. You either have been or want to go to the Grace Hopper Program.

    18. You've questioned whether tech is really the right choice for you.

    19. However, you'll never forget the incredible moment when you realized there was nowhere you'd rather be.

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