Jane Krakowski Deserves An Emmy

Just give it to her. With the end of 30 Rock, this is her last chance for the foreseeable future to win an Emmy and take a step closer to EGOTing. Jenna Maroney is easily one of the funniest characters on television, and this last season may have produced her best performances on the show. Here’s why Jane deserves the Emmy for playing Jenna.

1. 1. Her songs are hilarious

Like “Chunk of My Lung,” where she’s impersonating Janis Joplin…kind of.

2. “Muffin Top”

Everyone knows the most delicious part of the muffin is the top.

3. “Balls”

Oh WHY was this not a real summer dance jam?

4. “Rural Juror”

Thursdays on NBC were the best days of my flerm.

5. 2. Jenna is a great friend

6. And a great listener

Well, she tries.

7. And [almost] never holds a grudge

8. 3. She has the best insults

9. 4. Her insults have sassy head bobs

10. 5. Even her unfortunate, unintentional puns are hilarious

“Jenna’s side. Jenna’s side. I’m not hearing it, Liz.”

11. 6. Her one-liners are gold

12. And often reference suicide

13. 7. She knows how to get what she wants

Like by threatening to commit suicide.

14. 8. She’s confident about her sexuality

17. 9. And just generally confident

19. 10. She’s a style icon

20. 11. But she’s thrifty

21. 12. Jane’s acceptance speech will be memorable

22. 13. And Julie Bowen already won

Twice. It’s Jane’s turn.

23. I have one thing to say if the Academy doesn’t vote for her:

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