How Anderson Cooper Is Spending His Birthday

Happy 46th birthday to the Silver Fox! He’s the star of every gay man’s dreams and one of the greatest broadcast journalists of the day. He’s now one year older, one year wiser, and one year Anderson Cooperier. He’s also the most GIFable anchor on CNN, as evidenced below. This is the story of Anderson’s birthday.

1. It’s his birthday, and he’s ready to party.

2. He’s going HARD.

3. He knows exactly what the party needs.

Also, celebrity friends.

4. But some shots are gross.

5. He might need a chaser.

6. But give him a break! He’s 46!

7. Because then he’ll mack it on Madonna…

8. …which is every gay man’s dream come true.

9. The kiss will be explosive.

10. And then Madonna will bring up Gérard Depardieu.

The name is his one and only weakness.

11. And it was the best birthday ever!

Happy birthday, Anderson Cooper!

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