36 Reasons Why Zachary Quinto Is Flawless

In honor of Zachary Quinto’s 36th birthday, I present to you 36 photos of Zachary Quinto being gorgeous…also, 36 reasons why ZQ is a god among men.

1. He’s a very happy birthday boy.

2. Zachary Quinto: Sexy Beast

He has, with no hyperbole, a perfect face.

3. He has perfect hair, too.

4. His eyes can pierce your soul.

And don’t think I didn’t notice the sultry lip-bite. Because I did.

5. He’s a style icon.

He can rock a mean pair of glasses.

7. He’s also sexy in jackets.

10. Aaaand this one

11. This is him being adorable in a hat.

12. Adorable face in an adorable beanie

With an adorable beard.

13. Twerkin this outfit with an iced drink

It’s hard to cool down a man this hot.

15. Looking dapper at the ESPYs

16. He’s also an amazing actor.

Here he is playing Spock.

17. Here he is in a gimp suit.

As Chad Warwick in “American Horror Story: Murder House.”

18. Dr. Oliver Threadson in “American Horror Story: Asylum”

Insanity has never looked so sexy.

19. Sylar from “Heroes”

20. He blue himself.

Think he’s an “Arrested Development” fan? I hope so. It would make him even more amazing.

21. Can he play James Bond, please?

It could just be two hours of him in a tux on a motorcycle, and I’d see it six times.

22. Or, you know, don’t give him a costume

It’s about time there was a gay James Bond, don’t you think?

23. He’s even sexy when he’s fake-bleeding.

Sometimes, he gets stabbed in the eye with a pen. All in a day!

24. He can even pull off a wife-beater.

No, seriously, Zachary Quinto…pull it off. Please?

25. He’s friends with awesome people.

Like the awesome Kristin Bell, who is awesome. Any chance Zachary Quinto can be in the “Veronica Mars” movie?

26. And his “Star Trek” co-star

Chris Pine, for the record, is also sexy, but a total 4 by comparison. Sorry, Chris.

27. Here he is describing…something.

We’re all thinking the same thing, right?

28. Here he is with a puppy.

What I wouldn’t give to be that puppy…

29. He also shops with his puppy.

30. Whatchya thinking ‘bout, Zachary Quinto?

In case you’re wondering, yes, I will marry you (in one of the states where it’s legal).

31. Sadly, he’s taken.

He’s dating Jonathan Groff, which means Jonathan Groff is now my enemy.

32. Here are more pics of Zachary Quinto Zachary Quinto-ing.

33. Teasing us with chest hair

34. Got Milk, Zachary Quinto?

35. You know what’s wrong with Zachary Quinto?

Nothing, except for the fact that he will never love me.

36. Happy birthday, Zachary Quinto!

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