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    Top 7 Reasons You're Addicted To BuzzFeed

    Why you can't stop clicking on BuzzFeed explained with the help of Santa Clara University Psychology Professor Tom Plante

    1. Visuals

    Pictures (and gifs and video) make an impression in ways words don't.

    The difference between


    2. Must. Have. Order.

    We are pattern seeking creatures so lists and pictures help us connect the dots.


    makes you feel like this...

    But this list is perfectly okay...

    3. Fewer words are easier to understand

    We have shorter attention spans. We want instant information and to move on to new things quickly.

    How anything more than three sentences makes you feel:

    But add some GIFs:

    4. We choose what we want to see

    In psych terms this is called projection. We project our desired wishes and feelings onto stimuli. What you choose to read on BuzzFeed is like a giant inkblot test.

    5. BuzzFeeders very wisely play off our sense of nostalgia

    We like relating new things to what we already know and are comfortable with.

    Like this...

    or these Silicon Valley artifacts...


    And even...

    6. Being the first to know

    We want to proudly let people know we saw the band before they got big... or that a dingelhopper is a fork... or any bit of knowledge that means you're on top of the gossip food chain.

    7. And unless you're hipster little mermaid, you can share it all in a never-ending cycle of BuzzFeed goodness

    This helps prove that we're special and reinforces a certain degree of narcissism.

    Feel free to give in and share this one!