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36 Outrageous Selfies From The Chainsmokers Music Video

But first, let me take a selfie.

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1. The crew, of course.

2. The Hoff.

3. The first ever Darth Vader selfie.


5. The ultimate duo.

6. These people with an interesting choice of sunglasses.

7. This guy who likes bananas.

8. #DiaperDaySelfies

9. This lovely lady.

10. This girl who thinks cheetah is still in. #tacky

11. This guy who may or may not have a fake mustache.

12. This artsy girl.

13. Even dogs take selfies in 2014.

14. This guy who would make a pretty cool emoji.

15. The fake model who bought all her Instagram followers.

Who goes out on Mondays?

Who goes out on Mondays?

16. I don't even know.

17. These guys....

18. This guy with a REAL mustache.

19. #casual

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like Justin Timberlake from 2000?

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like Justin Timberlake from 2000?

20. Kylie Jenner.

21. Animal selfies are always cool.

22. And apparently, so are fake mustaches.

23. This girl who is promoting a positive message.

You go, girl.

You go, girl.

24. Snoop Dogg.

25. These people who like green lighting.

26. Another selfie with a message.

27. More animal selfies.

28. And more.

29. Jessica Szohr.

AKA Vanessa from Gossip Girl.

AKA Vanessa from Gossip Girl.

30. The animal selfies are endless.

31. This girl who just dropped 2K on Google Glasses.

32. #GymFlow.

33. Steve Aoki with the Chainsmokers.

34. Candyland DJs.

35. Taste the Rainbow.

36. And finally, the famous #selfie.

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