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7 Genres And The Best Artists Who Ruled Those Genres

Music is all around us and it is hard to find the rarest species of people in the world that don’t listen to music. The interesting thing about music is that there are virtually just as many genres of music as there are tastes. You could continue to go deeper and deeper into music and still not be able to discover all the genres. Not to mention the fact that new genres are being introduced in the world on almost a daily basis. There are already thousands of genres and due to this proliferation you can often come across some confused genres too.

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No matter how distinguishable or difficult to recognize a genre of music is, there are always artists who become a reflection of that genre. It is like you have not heard that genre if you haven't heard that artist. These artists become the definition of that genre and if a newbie is interested in trying out a new genre you will recommend them these artists to start off on the right foot. Below we have arranged a list of 7 different genres that are easily known to the world and the best artists of those genres.

1. Pop

Brian Walter / Via Flickr: christopherlanephotography

This is the genre that’s known the most to the world and this is why it is called pop, which stands for popular. While pop music is often criticized for not having any soul, there are artists that can prove the critics wrong any day. In fact, these artists have done that. Michael Jackson is without a doubt the culmination of pop genre. When it comes to new artists you have Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga who have given a new face to pop. Britney Spears must also be mentioned because of her great contribution notwithstanding the fizzling end to her career.

2. Punk Rock

3S Photography / Via Flickr: sven0705

Punk rock is often referred to as punk only. This type of music started in the middle of 70s. They will often blurt out words against politics and the music is fast paced. Songs start out fast and end fast and quickly. The Misfits have to be mentioned as the best band to define the punk rock genre. When it comes to Misfits it is often said that they are the true punk rock band while others are not punk at all. Green Day is a great punk rock band but people would often have a conflict about their punk-ness. You’ll never be a good punk rock listener unless you have heard Dead Kennedys.

3. Hard Rock

Heinrich Klaffs / Via Flickr: heiner1947

This sub-genre of rock music is one of the most popular genres around the world. It started out in 60s when rock, metal, heavy metal, garage etc. were coming on the scene one by one. When you talk about hard rock you must talk about Guns N Roses. This is one of the most influencing band from the genre with two of the most renowned artists around the world: Axl Rose and Slash. Of course, you could not be sinful enough to not mention Led Zeppelin among the top hard rockers of all time. Other mentionable names are AC/DC, Avenged Sevenfold and Bon Jovi.

4. EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Michael_Spencer / Via Flickr: michaelspencer

As the name says, it is the dancing music and quite different from the ones mentioned above. However, this is the ruling genre of the times right now. Like other genres EDM also has its listeners split into groups: one group supports the old EDM genre whereas the other one supports the new sound. Regardless of what people think about EDM in general we must mentioned that Daft Punk, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Swedish House Mafia, Hardwell, Skrillex, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Armin Van Buuren, The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Zedd are the best artists of this genre.

5. Heavy Metal

Anthony Catalano / Via Flickr: badwsky

Talk about heavy sounds, lot of distortion and guitar solo duets in the songs with some enraging vocals and ground shaking riffs – that heavy metal for you right there. There is no band better than Metallica when it comes to producing heavy metal sound. They are still controversial for switching from thrash to heavy metal but whatever they have done they have done it at its best. Black Sabbath is the mother of metal and Judas Priest is the consistent plowing machine of this genre. For the lovers of the new sound of the genre, Slipknot is the way to go.

6. Progressive Rock

Bob Jagendorf / Via Flickr: bobjagendorf

This genre needs to be mentioned separately from other forms of rock. The bands belonging to progressive rock are experimenting machines. They like to play around with their instruments and make the songs technically more difficult. You haven’t even come close to listening to progressive rock if you haven’t heard Pink Floyd. They are the kings of this genre and then you have Rush. King Crimson is the inspiration of some of the most talented progressive rock bands in the world. Dream Theater is on a completely different level with John Petrucci on guitars. Lastly, there aren't many bands that could match the talent and skillfulness of Tool.

7. Rap

Lâm HUA / Via Flickr: monsieurlam

We couldn't have dared to end this list without mentioning Rap on it. Rap is all about creating a cool beat and then blending it with some lyrics that speak the truth. Raps can be about sex, violence, thug life, life, media, politics and about anything that exists in the world. Fast rapping is attractive but does not prove a rapper as the best rapper. Tupac is no doubt the topper in the list followed by the ever-loved Eminem. Dr. Dre needs special mentioning and then you have Jay-Z. Jay-Z really knows how to be a businessman and a rapper. Did we mention Snoop Dogg?

Lastly, the responsibility is on you to listen to these artists the way they deserve to be heard. If you want to hear their real sound and the quality of music, make sure you are fulfilling your responsibility by hearing them on the best headphones or a sound system that can do their sound justice. You can easily try headphones before you buy with Audiotroupe. A few headphones can be expensive but if they last you a long time you should definitely save yourself the hassle of buying new ones again and again.

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