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    16 Things Only People Who Have Played Lotería Will Understand

    I just need one more card...

    1. The only reason you're even playing is because your mom brought it out.

    2. And every single time it gives you childhood flashbacks, so of course you're super pumped to play.

    3. So you grab your handful of beans...

    gus_del / Via

    4. …or whatever's available…

    mirellestrada / Via

    5. …maybe even coins...

    notskinnymarie / Via

    6. ...and prepare yourself for the relationships that are about to get ruined beyond repair.

    7. The guaranteed first argument is always before the game even starts, in deciding who can be trusted to call out the cards.

    Twitter: @cinthyalilac

    It can make or break the whole experience.

    8. And during the game, you end up calling out that one person who thinks they're being slick.

    9. Somehow, your mom always ends up winning six times in a row due to "luck."

    10. But there are fun parts too, like when your favorite cards get called.

    11. And your mom provides the commentary track you didn't know you needed.

    Don Clemente, Inc.

    12. But it's only fun and games for so long, unless you wanted to risk el diablo.

    13. Overall though, it's truly a stressful AF game, especially when you only need one more card to win.

    14. Or when the person who won decides to yell "Bingo!" and it takes everything in you not to call them a tonto and slap them.


    15. But you still love playing with your family, even if it feels like the game is rigged sometimes.

    16. Because you wouldn't trade your family game night memories for El Mundo.

    gammat2 / Via

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