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    Sep 22, 2016

    21 Photos Proving Summer Was The Fucking Worst

    *unsticks leg from chair for the last time this year*

    1. First off, the unbearable heat and mosquitoes are just the TIP of the iceberg.

    2. You're basically guaranteed a sunburn if you spend more than 0.2 seconds outside...

    3. ...which means you got to spend the rest of summer peeling off your skin.

    4. Even if you managed to tan, it never turned out quite how you expected.

    5. The daily humidity made you feel like you were walking through a swamp...

    6. ...and gave your hair the wrong kind of volume.

    7. Your car became a mobile microwave that melted everything within...

    8. ...and if you had a black car with black interior, you were basically screwed.

    9. If you didn't have A/C, you ended up going night-swimming in your own sweat...

    10. ...and if you did have A/C, your utilities bill went through the roof.

    11. Your Target runs had 1,000+ more people because of the A/C they had blasting.

    12. Your sweat glands worked hard to outdo themselves constantly.

    13. Bathing suit shopping was so much more stressful than it should have been...

    14. ...and constantly ended up explaining to people what an actual "summer body" is.

    macadamia_brittle / Via

    15. Also, the beach is actually the worst.

    16. Cuddling with your significant other was not a viable option.

    17. If you wore makeup, it basically melted off almost immediately.

    18. If you're not a fan of youths, summer is when they were all up in your presence.

    Fox / Via

    19. You were constantly peeling yourself away from leather couches because of your sweat glue.

    20. Your summer break probably wasn't truly a "break" because of that one professor.

    21. And really, just the ~pressure~ to enjoy yourself and live an Instagram-worthy life is actually the worst.

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