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Updated on Dec 11, 2018. Posted on Sep 20, 2016

16 Tiny Fluffs That Will Warm Even The Coldest Heart

*Resists urge to go get 10 immediately*

1. This little star puff:

2. This floof iN A fREakINg CArDigaN:

3. This pocket poof:

4. These sleepy poof poofs:

surr_e_al / Via

5. This tiny sploot:

hamster_dudu / Via

6. This hungry cotton ball:

littlemiraclesforever / Via

7. This cloud in hiding:

leesakupcake / Via

8. This delicate foof that wants to tell you a v important secret:

leesakupcake / Via

9. This curled up ball of love:

liefdevoordieren / Via

10. This flattened poof that likes pets:

jeff_the_fluffy_hamster / Via

11. This 10-day-old cuddle bug:

moonlight_hamstery / Via

12. This camping fluff:

bandit_thedwarfhammy / Via

13. This napping marshmallow:

little_paru / Via

14. This palm-sized pocket pal:

orcactus / Via

15. This tiny little bby:

16. And finally, this derpy little poof:

bricksdanger / Via

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