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19 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Latina Moms Give Absolutely Zero Fucks

“Mom, do you have your license?” “Si hijo, la de Díos.”

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1. When they don't let anybody spoil their day:

2. When they teach people they're always right:


3. When they know that a queen is never late:

4. When they shoot down your expectation of fitting into H&M jeans:

5. When they look out for number one:

6. When they like to keep a clean house:

7. When they tap into their inner Joan Rivers:

8. When they prank their friends:

9. When they can't help but be chismosas:

10. When they finally figure out how to use their iPhone:

11. When they believe everything Primer Impacto says:

12. When they try to be subtle:

Q Productions

13. When they see you refuse seconds at dinner:

14. When they won't let school get in the way of a chanclazo:

15. When they think the DMV is a waste of time:

Doozer / Via

16. When they try to accept your vegetarian lifestyle:

17. When they give unsolicited advice:

18. When they teach you to tell time correctly:

19. And finally, when they remind you that they'll never stop caring about you:

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