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    19 Maps That Will Change The Way You Look At Latin America

    Brazil could eat the (contiguous) United States whole.

    1. Honduras could fit into Mexico roughly 17 times.

    2. Brazil is big enough to bridge the gap between Canada and France and can even cover the USA in one go...

    3. well as Greenland, China (mostly), and Australia.

    4. Argentina is taller than the USA and almost as tall as the continent of Europe.

    5. Mexico looks as large as Greenland and would stretch from Montana to North Carolina.

    6. El Salvador fits into Brazil over 350 times.

    7. Peru can fit Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada...

    8. ...and so can Colombia.

    9. Bolivia can fit almost eight US states...

    ...which are: Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

    10. Venezuela could connect Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, and Panama.

    11. Chile is tall enough to cover Mexico, the USA, and part of Canada.

    12. Paraguay is basically a fluffy Great Britain.

    13. Guatemala could be Paraguay's fluffy Ireland.

    14. El Salvador, Panama, Ecuador, and Uruguay could all fit within Texas.

    15. Nicaragua and New York could swap places on a map and there would only be a small difference.

    16. Cuba is essentially a skinny California.

    17. Costa Rica could fit into mainland Portugal like how we fit into our old skinny jeans...

    ...if we're being honest with ourselves.

    18. The Dominican Republic could connect Cuba, Florida, and The Bahamas.

    19. Finally, South America could eat the USA and still have room for dessert.

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