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This Chicano Artist Revamped Lotería Cards To Celebrate Queer Identity

It's 1887 meets 2016.

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And now, thanks to Mexican-American artist Felix d'Eon, those images are a little more inclusive.

Don Clemente, Inc., Felix d'Eon / Via

Born in Guadalajara and raised in the US, he moved to Mexico City four years ago and has considered himself a full-time artist for 10 years.

When asked about his inspiration, d'Eon told BuzzFeed, "The cards in the original deck have a kind of power, like the images in a tarot deck, and I liked the idea of claiming that heritage and imagery and giving it a new, queer, context."


His cards, sold on his Etsy store, can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days to finish.

And he's done 39 so far with plans to make 15 more, for a total of 54 cards in his "La Lotería d'Eon."